Choosing your Floral Colour Palette

Choosing which colour palette to go with for your special event can be super confusing and hard - especially if you don't have a particular idea of what you already like. I've put together a list of colour considerations to help you decide. You can also view my Pinterest page which contains a collection of boards divided into particular colours and moods, to find some inspiration!

The mood of your event - Whether it is formal (whites, greens, reds), relaxed (pastels, greens, neutral) whimsical (oranges, golds, whites) or edgy (brights, pinks, reds, blacks).

The location of your event - It's nice to be able to tie in your florals with the environment they will be seen in. Beaches (neutrals, greens, pastels, whites), farms (pastels, reds, deep tones), forest (greens, darker tones, whites), industrial (whites, strong colours, neutrals), city (whites, reds, pinks, blues).

The colour of the wedding party attire - Often it is best to match the flowers with tones and colours of the wedding attire such as pastel florals for blush or neutral attire or strong reds and dark tones for classic black and white attire. If the wedding party are in a strong colour such as bright purples, greens or yellows, it may be best to go with a more neutral floral tone with whites and greens.